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Community Guidelines

January 9, 2023

Welcome to the community guidelines for our game! These guidelines are in place to ensure that all players can enjoy their time in our game and community. Please read and follow these guidelines to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Thank you for your cooperation.

In-game rules

  1. Your character name should not contain any real life information or references to any public figure.
  2. Chat is reserved for communication, trading and questions among each other. Neither religious nor political topics nor insults, racism and sexism have a place here. Treat other players as you would like to be treated.
  3. Rule number 1 is also applied to guild names and ingame descriptions.
  4. A member of the Tales of Landor team will never ask for your account information. When solving problems, please only contact the Discord team or email support.
  5. No religious or political topics. Tales of Landor is meant to be played by any player around the globe independent of gender, religion, ethnicity or beliefs and there is no place for this kind of discussion within the Tales of Landor context.
  6. Ingame politics and fantasy religions in manners of role play is allowed.

Streaming and content-creator rules

  1. Recording or streaming of Tales of Landor gameplay is permitted. Exceptions require the written consent of Lumbago Interactive.
  2. If you are inside of a Tales of Landor Discord voice channel recording other players voices is only permitted in highlighted stream-friendly voice channels.
  3. Stage or test content: The recording and sharing of stage server content is strictly prohibited and will be punished with an immediate ban from it.

Final clause

  1. Ambiguity will be resolved by the team members.
  2. We reserve the right to update the content of these rules and to correct any errors at any time and without notification. The most recent version of the rules and regulations always applies.