Alpha 1 Teaser Image

Alpha 1 is finally here!

September 27, 2022

The patch includes improvements to the upgrade system, the loot system and the character display, as well as the introduction of the Fire Rune as a new skill and a new rare monster.


  • Upgrade system: Next to the campfire you can now upgrade your equipment with having an increased risk of destroying the item
  • A loot window opens when interacting with monsters loot instead of picking up all drops instantly
  • The character window has been redesigned and can also show accumulated combat stats
  • New skill: Fire Rune
  • Reworked loot system and changed all loot tables
  • 1 new rare monster


  • Changing player attitude is now needs 5 seconds to complete for other players to see
  • Helmets are no longer head slot items
  • There is no head slot anymore
  • There is a new accessory slot in which the old Steel Helmet can be placed
  • Leather Cap has been removed
  • Shoulder slot is now a decoration slot to clarify it's purpose which is cosmetics and prestige
  • Walking animation speed is now also depending on move speed
  • Improved bloom settings to not hurt the eye anymore
  • Scorpions have a better AI now but a lower range


  • Fixed a spawn zone bug in Scorpion area
  • Fixed that the network protocol allowed items to be trashed that are not owned by the player
  • Fixed the Bat looking in the wrong direction