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Alpha 2 has been released today!

November 9, 2022

The latest patch for Tales of Landor introduces a new login menu, player and monster picking, item trading with other players, a healing skill, an overhaul of the light system, fast looting, and improved reconnection handling.


  • New login menu
  • Player and monster picking: With the right mouse button you can select players and monsters to interact with them and target them for certain future skills
  • Item trading with players: Press 'P' to open the interaction panel for a selected player
  • New skill that can heal other players: Healing Touch
  • Added 'open logs folder' button on misc settings page
  • Complete overhaul of light system: Light effects should now appear smoother in animation and more vivid in colors
  • Accounts can now be banned if nesseccary
  • Fast loot: When the loot window opens you can just instantly confirm the "Take All" button by pressing "Space Bar", "Enter" or the "Interact" key
  • When reconnecting the remaining HP of the player is remembered (so no "heal by reconnect" is possible anymore)


  • Increased inventory slot amount by 8
  • Accounts now have to be verified by mail to login
  • Upgraded engine version to Godot 3.5.1
  • Blood Rune skill is now known as Fire Rune and got new visual effects
  • Added radius info to Fire Rune
  • Unified corpse fade out for all players and monsters
  • Settings menu now tries to set the default refresh rate to the number that is currently set for the primary screen
  • Reduced lag spike after login
  • Added 'open error logs' button to last settings page
  • Dash skill has now visual effect
  • Newly created character names now have to be case-insensitively unique
  • Increased chat text size
  • Visibility logic for showing monster and player tags
  • Updated game logo
  • Arrow projectiles now have a trail for better visibility
  • Special error message when trying to upgrade items that are currently equipped
  • Inventory opens automatically together with upgrade window


  • Fixed stack increasing when they should actually consumed while upgrading
  • Fixed loot window that sometimes could not be opened after it has been closed
  • It is no longer possible to change equipment while casting spells or using the weapon
  • Flickering between crosshair and normal mouse has been fixed
  • Fixed chat bubble flickering when it appeared
  • Upgrades are now only possible when player is actually alive
  • Disposing items is now only possible when player is alive
  • Made network protocol more stable which should lead to less random kicks
  • Fixed time formatting in German skill tooltips
  • Fixed potential server crash when player tried to respawn while the database is auto-saving