The world has been reborn

January 10, 2023

At the 14.01.2023 it's time! The Alpha 3 update for Tales of Landor introduces new features such as guilds, a reworked starter island, and improvements to the trade window and upgrading feature, as well as changes to game mechanics, monster AI, and various other improvements.


Tales of Landor's Alpha 3 update introduces guilds, which allow players to team up and fight for glory. The guild window allows players to check the leader, members, and description of the guild they are a part of, and the guild tag is visible to all other players in the world. Players can also enable hostility towards anyone except guild members, making team fights easier. Convenience features such as creating, disbanding, and inviting members ingame will be added in Alpha 4.

Overhauled Starter Island

The first island, Kina Island, has been completely reworked in the Alpha 3 update to increase accessibility for new players and provide hints about the world's story.

Knowledge Window

A new knowledge window has been added in the Alpha 3 update, showing players their current experience points, attributes, and known spells in detail.

Character Attributes

In the Alpha 3 update, players gain two attribute points for every level they reach, which they can spend on strength, dexterity, and endurance. A new rare item has also been added that allows players to completely reset their attributes and redistribute them.

Game Math

The game math has been completely reworked in the Alpha 3 update for balancing purposes. Monsters and players now follow the same ruleset for how their damage, hit points, and other stats increase with level. Monsters also have attribute points, meaning some are glass cannons while others are more tank-like. The necessary XP to level up and the XP provided for monster kills have been adjusted accordingly. A new "defense" stat has also been added, which works against both magical and physical damage but is not percentage-based.

Trade Window

Improvements have been made to the trade window in the Alpha 3 update, including the addition of a message when a trade has been completed or canceled, and the resetting of the accept status when a trade is blocked by a full bag.


The Alpha 3 update includes a number of improvements to the upgrading feature, including visual feedback for the upgrade result, highlighting of the upgraded item in the inventory, and the highlighting of required materials depending on whether the player has sufficient quantities.


The Alpha 3 update brings improvements to monster AI, making them faster, more reliable, and more predictable. Most monsters will also wander around when they become bored, making the world feel more alive. Three new monsters have been added to the game, and the attacks of bats and the Night Worm have been reworked.


The Alpha 3 update includes a number of miscellaneous changes and improvements, including bug fixes, improvements to the appearance of the death screen and login screen, and the addition of a "Join Discord" button to the main menu. Other changes include the renaming of the "Blazing Shot" spell to "Fireball" for clarity, the ability for light sources to flicker, and the inclusion of a vignette when health is critically low.