Alpha 6 teaser

Major Milestone: Official Transitioning to Alpha 6

June 13, 2024

We are very excited to announce a pivotal moment in the development of Tales of Landor: the conclusion of Alpha 4 and the highly anticipated launch of Alpha 6. This transition marks our pre-alpha journey and the beginning of an enhanced and enriched gaming experience.

Farewell to Alpha 4

Alpha 4 will remain online until July 14th, 12 PM UTC. After this, we will shut down the servers for a few weeks in order to allow us some time to migrate the database, calculate the Alpha 4 rewards, and to establish the launch of Alpha 6, which a different announcement follow this one very soon.

What Happened to Alpha 5?

You may notice that we never mentioned Alpha 5, and that we actually skipped from Alpha 4 to Alpha 6. The reason for this is the significant amount of changes, updates, and new features that we have implemented. The extensive code overhaul and system enhancements that we have done warranted a huge leap forward, making Alpha 6 a major milestone in our development journey.

Ember Shards

We are excited to introduce Ember Shards, as our new and special type of currency which will allow you to make your character stand out and be unique. You will be able to purchase this currency in a designated shop on our website. You will be able to just login with your in-game account to our website, and purchase as many as you want. With Ember Shards you will be able to acquire special haircuts, cosmetics and pets. All of them will be purely cosmetic, making sure this game is really Free-2-Play.

Alpha 4 Rewards

  • The Discord role "Alpha Tester" will be renamed to "Pre-Alpha Tester" and will no longer be obtainable. Current role holders will keep it as proof of their participation in the Tales of Landor pre-alpha phase. So you still have a bit of time to get your friends playing in this pre-alpha stage (Alpha 4), in order to earn this role.
  • All players who made it to the Top 50 ranking in our leaderboard will receive an exclusive ingame title "Pioneer", which will become available in the launch of Alpha 6.
  • Top 25 players will receive an Albino Bat pet (purely cosmetic) with the launch of Alpha 6.
  • Top 10 players will receivea Brown Bat pet.
  • Top 5 players will receive a Golden Bat pet (which emits golden sparks)
  • Top 3 players will have a memorial in the world of Tales of Landor. This memorial will be an interactable statue showing their former character names and look.

Ember Shard Rewards

The following Alpha 4 requirements will earn each player who played in Alpha 4 Ember Shards with the launch of Alpha 6:

  • Players who have reached level 10 or above . The higher the level you reached, the more Ember Shards you will receive.Equipment with a level of +4 or higher will be converted to Ember Shards.
  • Skill books will be converted into Ember Shards
  • Event Tokens will get converted to Ember Shards

During the Downtime

While the game servers will be offline, we’ll share all of our Alpha 6 features that you will soon be able to play in. Dedicated supporters will gain preview access to the Stage server. Achievements made on the Stage server won't impact the Live servers upon rollout; it's mainly for testing purposes or for those who just can’t wait.

Google Play Public Listing Update

Alpha 6 will be playable on Android! We are working on the Android version as we speak, and we have made tremendous progress on it. In the meantime, players who would like to play the game on their Android device will be able to download an APK file from our website, install it on their device and play!