Roadmap Teaser

What comes next?

February 6, 2023

As the development of Tales of Landor continues, we are excited to announce the upcoming roadmap for our Alpha releases. The first update will bring a host of new features and improvements to the game, including completing the guild system.

Alpha 4

Players will then be able to join, create, invite, kick, leave and disband guilds, making it easier than ever to team up with friends and tackle the challenges of the game together.
Additionally, we will be implementing custom key binding, allowing players to customize their keyboard controls to their own preferences. We are also excited to announce the addition of spell learning, allowing players to acquire new spells and abilities as they progress through the game. Along with these new features, we will also introduce a new player sprite and a reworked melee system, adding even more depth and consistent style to the game.

We also noticed that a lot of new players don't know that it is possible to select players and monsters to interact and see the level which leads to a lot of player deaths. We will completely overhaul the entire functionality on how to interact with the world to make the system more convenient to use and to understand.

Alpha 5

As we move into Alpha 5, we plan to introduce a karma system for PvP, giving players a new way to track and measure their progress and reputation in the game. It will also punish unnecessary player kills pretty hard. In the future there will be extra maps where players kills will not affect the Karma at all, but this needs a while.
Also some new spells that you can drop the scrolls to learn them. One of those spells will be Cloak which makes you invisible for a certain amount of time to sneak up to your enemies and make you land the first hit.
We will also add the long awaited Mastery system which makes it possible for the player to level up skills by collecting resources and spell scrolls. It becomes progressively harder to level up skills but when you reach the maximum level (which is level 25) you can truly brag with it and enjoy stronger spells.

Alpha 6

And finally, in Alpha 6, we will be introducing a new map which is then for players that learned the base game and want a harder challenge when it comes to monster mechanics and tactics. This expands the game world and offers players even more variety and exploration opportunities. Maybe you will find some new rare items that you have to work hard for?
With this patch we will also introduce the start of the crafting feature to make it possible for players to create their own equipment and not be dependent on drop luck if they have the right materials and recipes. We will also add a batch of new items for a new equipment slot.

Stay tuned!

We can't wait for you to get your hands on the new features and improvements we have planned and see what you can accomplish in the world of Tales of Landor. Stay tuned for more updates and information as we continue to develop the game either here or in our Discord server.