A Glimpse into the Future!

December 8, 2023

Get ready, everyone! Tales of Landor is on the verge of an epic transformation. Brace yourselves for a myriad of exciting changes, a fusion of the familiar and the uncharted, as we embark on a journey of evolution and change.

In the upcoming update, we're not just tweaking a few things; we're overhauling the entire game, breathing fresh life into every aspect. Picture this: old systems getting a facelift, new systems taking center stage, and an arsenal of weapons, armor, and spells that will redefine your combat experience.

Excited yet? Hold on, there's more! Revamped player models, streamlined customization, and a sneak peek at a dangerous new threat are just a taste of what's to come.

We are thrilled about these upcoming changes, and we hope you are too! Your support means a lot to us. So, gear up, get ready, and let's embark on this adventure together!

Fresh start and a new way to play

The upcoming update brings a transition of the game engine from Godot 3 to 4 and goes hand in hand with the wipe of your current characters & items. We use this opportunity to give you all a highly requested feature — the mobile version for Tales of Landor! Connect with players across platforms as we also roll out cross-play functionality. If you are interested in access to the mobile version, you can request that here on our website as soon as it is ready to be tested!

Alpha 5, Alpha 6 and mobile version

Due to this overhaul of almost all systems, the map, items and stats we decided to merge the release of Alpha 5 and Alpha 6! Which means we will jump directly from Alpha 4 to Alpha 6 with the next deployment. Which also means:

Character database wipe will happen with the next patch already.

Your accounts and credentials stay untouched, you will just get asked to create a new character when you login the first time into Alpha 6. We will give you guys more information on how the leaderboard position will be rewarded and also what will happen to the event tokens in another blog post.
We are currently working on the mobile version which will be testable publicly with the release (earlier for our Patreon supporters). But it will probably still need some time to finish all features. But we promise it will be fully worth it!
We are restricted to deploy on Android first and then we are completely done with the review process of Google having a proper Android Early Access release we can continue with iOS (iPhones and iPads). We are working with Apple to achieve this quickly after Android.

Game World Evolution

With the reset, we're not just changing the game; we're transforming the world. The old region you'll know by now undergoes a comprehensive rework, and we are adding a brand-new region.
First 2 Regions Greenwood & Highlands unveiled

A Plethora of Old & New Systems

Get ready for a lot of new gameplay options with several exciting systems:

  • Karma System: Shape your character's moral compass with in-game decisions, being a fanatic player killer has it’s consequences.
  • Mastery System: Explore different spells learnable by spell books and increase their power over time. We will start with a few but already planned ~50 different mastery spells for the far future and introduce them update by update.
  • Stamina System: Skills and spells will now consume stamina that recharges automatically over time. Keep a close eye on your energy levels, affecting your actions and strategies during combat.
  • Crafting & Upgrade System: Dive into a new & intricate crafting experience, allowing you to forge and enhance your gear with newfound depth. We also going to replace the old +0, +1, +2 etc system.
  • Profession System: Blacksmith, Gatherer, Enhancer or something else! Choose a path of specialization, impacting your character and contributing to the game's economy.

But we're not just introducing new features; we're also revamping existing systems. Expect a significant overhaul of the item and equipment dynamics and improvements to XP, HP, and stat curves for a smoother gaming experience.

Armors, Weapons & Spells

Prepare for battle with an array of new gear! We're introducing new weapons, armor sets, and new spells. Plus, we are introducing the Cestus, a unique weapon type enabling medium-range spell attacks, adding a dynamic twist to combat.

Revamped Models & Customization

Express your uniqueness with overhauled player models and customization systems. Customize your character's appearance with options like hair styles, skin variants, eye styles, and colors.

See the difference in our updated character models:
For those looking for even more options & also want to support us, we're introducing additional customization options, available for purchase in our new ingame cash shop. No power for money!

Also prepare yourselves for a glimpse into the challenges that lie ahead. Here is a new enemy that awaits you, the very one featured in the teaser image:


Powering Our Journey

We're a small team with big goals, no corporate backing, and limited resources. If you're passionate about faster updates, exclusive rewards (like access to our internal preview servers or early mobile version), and contributing to our journey, consider supporting us on Patreon. Everything goes into making this game the best it can be!
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