Wipe and PvP Teaser

Statement: Server-Wipe and PvP Situation

February 16, 2023

Greetings dear Tales of Landor community. Due to frequently asked questions and also receiving feedback from the latest ingame occurances and events we want to ensure to stay as transparent as possible about the current two main topics.

Server / Database Wipe

What is a wipe?

A wipe means that all characters will be deleted, including all items that are existing in the game. Which means that every player has to create a new one and start their journey from level 1 again when the wipe happened.

Why a wipe?

There are several reasons for it. The most important one is a technical reason. Tales of Landor is still in alpha and therefore some drastical changes are necessary under the hood when it comes to the data structures.
Also we want to give the newer players a chance to compete with the few alpha testers which have been grinding the game for over a year now.

When then?

First we wanted to postpone the server wipe as much as possible to the future. But we decided that we now want to do the server wipe with Alpha 6! A date is not clear yet. We want to have a game world that is big enough for 10 concurrent players to be fully able to grind without stepping on each others tail too much. With Alpha 6 we also want to introduce a second region. The first island will then mainly be designed for beginners and PvM oriented grinders and the second map will be a bit more rough and makes team play and tactics more mandatory.

Will there be more than one wipe in the future?

The upcoming wipe will be the very last wipe forever. Period.

Is it even worth grinding until then?

Simple answer: Yes! We are planning on rewarding players that are already helping the development by playing the game actively with certain unique cosmetics, player titles and to put those players into ingame books or NPCs tales to immortalize this effort (those will only be given to pre-wipe alpha players). How exactly this reward plan will look like we still have to decide. But every alpha player will have a least one or two rewards and additionally the highest 25 players will get more specialized titles or unique hairstyle / color combinations based on the leaderboard (which will also come soon - before the wipe). We wil also consider the personal taste of the players here.
But one thing is clear. No player will get or have an ingame advantage after the wipe. Same fresh start for everyone.


Based on insights, server logs, statistics and also observing the last PvP event we decided to make the PvP a little bit more restrictive and opt-in only. But wait! We only want to do this until we actually implement the Karma system and some PvP balancing so it is fair for everyone. Currently there is only one main grind spot on the map and higher level players can camp it in hostile mode, making it impossible for other players to catch up. In the worst case this is snowballing.
When the Karma system comes into the game and open PvP is more balanced we will re-introduce the "you can attack anyone if you accept the punshment" attitude.